How to Be a Valued Guest at Any Event

Being invited to events or outings feels good. The act of being invited makes us feel wanted, and indicates that our presence is interpreted to benefit the event we will be attending. If you prove that assumption to be a mistake, the likelihood of the same host inviting you to another one of their events lowers. Being a bad guest makes the people who invited you look bad, causes other guests to enjoy their time less, and damages the overall perception of the event you’re attending.

This article hopes to encourage you to take the task of being a guest at events seriously. Understand that you serve to gain from taking your job as a guest seriously, as it is a task which ultimately raises your social standing if done right. You will be invited to more events, and will be considered an asset to any social event down the line. The position of your presence being wanted in social domains serves to open up opportunities for you which are not present otherwise.

Make the Host Look Good

In order for your presence to be valued by people at the event you’re attending, your first point of focus should be on making the host look good. The host dictates the energy of any event that takes place. If the host holds a favorable opinion of you, then others at that event will too. A primary goal for you as a guest at any event, is to make the host look good. Do this not only when you’re around the host by responding favorably to what they do, say, and the ideas they present, but also when the host is not around.

As you enjoy your time at the event you’re attending, be sure to compliment the host when they’re not around. Get a favorable opinion about the host going in the circle of people you’re surrounded by at the event. Mention how well the event you’re attending was planned, and how good of a job the host did setting up the venue. Though it may not seem like much in terms of raising your social value by doing this, the effect slowly grows. The people around you will assume you to be close in social standing to the host if you don’t hesitate to make them look good. That energy will not only travel back to the host to appreciate, but the people around you will view you as a beneficial guest to have should they host an event down the line.

Do not be flattering to the host or act like a suck up, but be genuinely complimentary and look out for the host’s image. A good guest makes the host look good. Publically toast your host, thank them in private, and keep a positive light shining on their image. The detailed ways of making your host look good will be exposed if you put yourself in a position of your host. Each event is unique, and has unique things to compliment. However, if you place yourself in the shoes of the host of the unique event you’re attending, you’ll recognize which areas you should focus on in order to make your host look good.

Make the Event Look Good

You should present the sentiment that any event you’re a part of, is an event others should want to be a part of as well. Though it may seem narcissistic in a sense, you should treat your presence to be important to the overall quality of the event you’re attending. If you’re there, then that specific event raises in value. Do your best to make the events you attend look good. Make the people who attend the same events you do feel important for attending them, and make sure to contribute to making the event fun.

Be social, be optimistic, and express happiness during events you attend. Partake in all the planned activities, and be sure to do your part in having everything go to plan. Your goal as a guest is to make the event you attend the best it could turn out to be. Again, each event is different, but the role of the guest is often underappreciated in its ability to make events look good or bad. Assume the role of an assistant to the host, and do your part to ensure that everyone around you is having a good time. Include people who seem to be socially excluded, and be a catalyst to the good times.

People will recognize your role in making the event look good and enjoyable to be a part of. Though it may take some work physically and emotionally, your reputation to make the events you attend be enjoyable will quickly spread. You’ll be invited to more outings, and will grow your social circle. Be sure however, to not try too hard to make others have a good time. Your goal is not to make yourself look good, but to make the event enjoyable. A good event is one which goes exactly to the plan as laid out by its host, not as laid out by you. What you may consider to be a good event may differ from what the host considers one to be. Thereby ensure you have a good understanding of the goals the host has set for the event they’ve given birth to. Act as an assistant to their plans, ensure the people who attend the events that you do have a good time, and ensure the people who don’t attend, develop a desire to the next time.

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