How to End Conversations So You’re Remembered

The interactions you get into throughout the day can leave your mind numb. You have to remember names, speak with clarity and purpose, and make a positive mark on your listeners overall. If you’re a person who cares for making a positive mark on the world you live in, then you take all conversations you partake in seriously. A simple conversation can be the birth of a great idea that shifts your life’s focus. A simple conversation can paint you as someone who can be trusted and depended on, thereby propelling you further into someone’s life. We tend to beContinue reading

One Mistake Justin Trudeau Made Addressing the Toronto Van Attack

The day after a scary and unprecedented attack on innocent people which garnered international attention, the Prime Minister of Canada gave an address on the matter. He did a fine job in communicating and maintaining the solidarity that the people of Toronto operate by. Trudeau made an effort to thank those who helped the victims of this van attack, both emergency personnel and regular civilians. He continued to mention the great calm with which emergency personnel responded in an effort to mitigate the situation.  So what was missing from his address? It seems like he said all the right thingsContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Giving Unsolicited Advice

In an effort to help those around you, you’ll sometimes feel a need to give them advice on improvements they can make. We generally feel the desire to give advice based on what we perceive ourselves to be good at. Your intentions for giving unsolicited advice may be well-meaning, and you may be truly looking out for the best interest of your subject. However, the reactions to our unsolicited advice can come in many forms. It is not necessarily a guarantee that your advice will be accepted in a positive light. You may be surprised to learn that those who you giveContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Talking About A Streak of Failures

We tend to categorize the people we come across in life. We have friends who are supremely computer-literate, friends who are master bargainers, and we know people who are fitness freaks. There are many categories which we can group the people we know by. An interesting exercise of self reflection is analyzing ourselves and which categories others group us into. You may be grouped as a go-getter, or lazy and not punctual. The categories you’re grouped under help those who group you in those categories interact with you. They’re quick shortcuts, and rather than analyzing your skills anew every time theyContinue reading

How to Lower Your Chances of Being Replaced at Work

As long as you work for an entity you don’t control, there’s always going to be a chance you can be let go and replaced. There can be many examples in which people can fear being replaced. Contract work for example, is prevalent in professional culture. Once employees come close to fulfilling their contractual obligations,  the negotiations of retaining their expertise begin. Instances of when you want to on-board as a full-time employee but your employer does not reciprocate this common interest are painful. There can be many reasons for why your employer may not want to continue their relationshipContinue reading

Why You Should Remember One Thing Before Showing Off

It’s normal and healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ll show up to work with a new shirt one day to the compliments of those around you. Then, just when others thought the show was over, you’ll bust out your new coffee mug. For the purpose of this article, showing, and showing off should be differentiated. It is fine to show the things you’re proud of, however, be careful of showing your pride along with them. We typically forget to think about the effects that are birthed from prideful showings of our success. Below are two things to keep in mindContinue reading

Why Your Reminders Should Be Subtle

When asking others for a favor, or to complete a task, there may come a time to remind them to do the things you’ve asked from them. You may be an office manager trying to get your team on track, or find yourself needing to remind your significant other that they’ve left the water boiling on the stove. Reminding others of things they may, or may not, have forgotten can be a sensitive domain to navigate. Though it may seem innocent by nature, being reminded of a task tells us that those reminding us assume we’ve forgotten what to do. IfContinue reading

How to Make the Best Impression at a Reunion

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and cringed at the idea of who you presented yourself to be? You may have been your authentic self at that time, but as you’ve evolved, so have your interests, looks, and ideas. What you wore 10 years ago may look silly today. Your hairstyle may have been shaped by a wacky trend, and you may have cared more about looking good rather than looking happy. Analyzing our past self often leaves us wondering how we ever left the house looking like we did. The pain that comes with lookingContinue reading

Why Your Mom Hates It When You Refer to Her As “She”

As children, we were perhaps taught to limit pronoun use when referring to members of our family. Have you ever tried to refer to your mom or dad as, “she” or “he” when in their presence? If you did, it’s likely that they weren’t too impressed with being referred to with these pronouns rather than a simple, “mom” or “dad”. Understanding why our parents feel disrespected when we refer to them by using pronouns involves understanding the underlying meaning these pronouns carry with them. Doing so serves to teach us lessons we can take outside the context of family matters,Continue reading

Three Traits of Influence You Can Learn From Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has attained vast success in the expansion and adoption of his thinking. Make no mistake about it, the majority of his influence stems directly from the content of the ideas he presents. Powerful ideas require extraordinary amounts of thinking, studying, analyzing, and testing. It is evident that Jordan Peterson has spent a lifetime enhancing the ideas which he presents. He carries with him the experience of practicing as a clinical psychologist, working as professor, and writing prolifically. His ideas are powerful enough to travel vastly, and the ability to think those thoughts cannot be taught with a singleContinue reading

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