How to Deal With Friends Who Hold You Back

The friendships you develop in life will help you in many aspects of it. Apart from our primal need to seek comradery and social connection, friendships also contribute to our personal growth. The friends you develop in the professional realm will allow you to take advantage of opportunities you may not have had access to alone. […]

Why You Should Be Careful on Your Quest for Influence

The topic of power and influence tends to attract the narcissistic and sociopathic at first glance. The individuals who sail shallow seas only read the headlines and always have the most to say. They need things simplified, short, and easily digestible. They view challenges to their patterns of thinking as trivialities to avoid. To them, […]

How to Disarm / Calm Down Angry People

If you’re doing anything worthwhile in life, you will encounter angry and negative people along the way. Anger for the most part, manifests itself during times in which we lose control of a situation we desperately want to control. People will get angry with you for altering any plan they’ve laid out in their minds, […]

How to Limit Negative Reactions to the Important Announcements You Make

The need to make a public statement may seem irrelevant to those living private lives.  Announcements of various scopes riddle our lives however. An announcement is the delivery of news to, typically, more than one individual. An announcement is not a conversation per se, but the reactions to your announcement often are.  Your announcements can […]

How to Comfort Your Parents While Trying to Follow Your Dreams

Those whom you call your family want you to be okay. They generally want you to not feel hunger, and to steer clear of a chaotic lifestyle. A way of life which is considered ‘safe’ is often the most direct path toward calming the worries that members of your family feel for you. Safe, by […]

Why You Should Reward People Who Speak up When You Hurt Them

Times when someone pulls you aside to tell you about being hurt by the things you’ve said / done are rare.  As you currently scan your memory for times when those close to you have done that, try remembering how you felt.  Those moments of unadulterated authenticity seem to cut through the social fabric of […]

How to Deal With Hearing Gossip About Your Friends

Awkward moments arise when we are placed in a position of hearing gossip about our friends. You can be exposed to some harsh truths in instances when the people gossiping aren’t aware of the relationship(s) you have with those they gossip about. The truths you’re exposed to will include discovering how others truly feel about […]

Why Bullying Your “Haters” Often Backfires

The label of “hater” is often attributed to someone who irrationally dislikes a public figure of some kind. The label is commonly thrown around by those who make a living in the various media industries of the world. Whether on social media or in the art that they create, some creative talents seem to develop […]

How to Handle the Compulsion to Correct Others

Disclaimer: This article’s presentation is bound to a context within which others’ incorrect ideas pose no immediate danger to themselves or those around them.   On average, people aren’t anywhere near perfect in their attempts to memorize facts. Like sand in an hourglass, information tends to leak into oblivion as soon as one stops actively accessing […]

How to Talk Someone Out of Dangerously Believing “Mystics” / Charlatans 

The combination of ageing family members and a relentless pace of technological innovation increases the chances of our close ones being scammed in various ways.  If you are someone with ageing parents, you can perhaps see the fragility of their existence in this vicious, unforgiving battle for a dollar. The fragile seem to be unproportionally attracted […]