How to Address Missing Parts of a Subordinate’s Work / Deliverable

The responsibility of assessing whether certain requirements are met at work or school brings with it communication challenges. In a typical professional realm, requirements for deliverables of varying kinds are a staple. You’ll come across the communicative dynamics of setting requirements, ensuring they’re communicated clearly, and checking whether the expected output satisfies those requirements. The […]

How to Motivate Someone to Complete a Difficult Task and Perform

Disclaimer: These are not in-depth steps on psychoanalyzing and treating those around you. This article is only written to be a quick tool for navigating casual social situations in which you’re called to calm someone down.  The anxious will stand out when you become used to the difficulties they stress over.  As you repeatedly perform in […]

How to Deal With Humans’ Inherent Selfishness

Discovering others performing actions with self interest masked by a facade of altruism is a depressing realization. Though we may expect people to operate with their own interests guiding the way, we tend to hope that others sometimes care for our interests too. It is especially depressing when we discover our close friends or family members being […]

Why “Yes Men” Are Dangerous, and How to Easily Spot Them

We find peace in being supported by others. When expressing our ideas to the people around us, we more often look for acceptance rather than criticism of our thoughts. This innate desire for our thoughts and ideas to be accepted by the world around us drives us to surround ourselves with people who think and […]

How to Practically Filter for Useful Information

Information can be used to control us, suppress us, and to misdirect us. Information can be key to attaining power, and misinformation can be the trigger to losing it. Information does not come labelled and sorted for us. We seldom know if the information we take in is beneficial to our goals or detrimental to […]

Why You Should Be Open to Receiving Kindness

A marker of kindness is acting in a way which benefits someone without expecting anything in return. As if receiving a gift from the universe, being the recipient of kindness alleviates the burdens of our day. For a brief moment in time, the pressures of life seem to be relieved. We feel lighter amidst acts of kindness […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Self-Deprecating After an Objectively Good Performance

Self-deprecation in response to good results is intended to fish for even more compliments than those results already warrant.  Using self-deprecation for their social benefit is a habit that those who’ve finagled ways to garner positive attention regularly employ. They aim to highlight their various good outcomes by setting low expectations and allowing the objective […]

How to Ask for a Job Application Status Update – With Samples

There are many important instances of communication during the job application process.  You’ll go back and forth with recruiters; sending over your resumes, employment letters, and copies of your degrees. In return, they’ll send over forms to fill and salary expectations to set.  You may even get a chance to interview for the position of […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Cynical When Others Are Entertained

An uncomfortable situation to bear is one in which the subject of a magic trick actively tries to debunk the trick. As the trick is being performed, the selected subject closely watches the magician’s hands. They change angles, bend over, and attempt to gain any advantage in being able to know how the magician does […]