Why You Should Keep the People in Your Life Separated

Your daily life is connected to the lives of many others. You enjoy a meal brought by a server, and depend on your mechanic to keep your car in running order. Without others, your life would be markedly more difficult. We live our lives by interacting with the various groups of people that allow us to live the way we do. The relationships in your life have been cultivated and are a process of hard work. It is hard to trust and depend on somebody you just met, therefore taking a long time and a lot of effort in order to get to a point when you do.

Information is Currency

The information that you let out to the different people in your life is currency. Letting out the information that you possess should be seen as an investment into the relationship, and an effort to attain information from the other party that you seek. Different groups of people will receive differing pieces of information. You might tell your accountant how much you make, but you would never tell that to the person who’s known to ask friends for money. You may tell your friend who asks for money about a date you had with an attractive woman last week, but you would never tell that to the new date that you have set up next week.

These differing pieces of information which the groups of people in your life receive from you is the reason why you should keep these groups separated for as long as possible. You do not want your friend who always asks to borrow money talking and befriending your accountant. Similarly, you may not want your real estate agent telling your business partners about your plans to buy property in another city and selling stake in the business.

Losing Power Over Your Information

Whenever previously separated groups of people in your life meet, you must assume that all information each party knows about you has been shared. Those two groups are now one, and you must treat them as such. They now must all receive the same information, because if they continue receiving two separate streams, it is safe to assume that they are sharing this information with one another.

The meeting and mingling of different people in your life forces you to lose the benefits of the knowledge those people separately provided you with. Now, you will be trading one piece of your own information for one piece of information back, rather than two differing pieces prior to these groups meeting.

If you continue exchanging information with these people, you will be losing more than you gain, as your information will be shared with more people than desired. If you are fine with that, then it is your decision to make whether to continue. It is recommended that you do not, and retreat into merely social interaction with groups of people surrounding your life that mingle together to form one large one.

Keeping people in your life separated is an effective way to manage information about yourself, and possibly your business. You will be an information dealer and true investor, getting more than what you put in. Once the different people in your life start getting to know each other, your return on investment begins to lessen, and becomes negative at a certain point.

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