Why You Need to Be a Dark Person to Attain / Maintain Success

Anticipating attacks on your success requires you to understand the motives behind them. The more success you achieve in life, the more you will be exposed to deceitful, dark human traits. The ladder to success is not without its battles along the way. Thereby the mindset one needs to have is an educated but defensive one, if they want to maintain what they worked hard for.

To Protect Against Attacks You Must Understand Them

If your neighborhood has been struck with an increased rate of home break-ins, what steps would you take to protect your home from being broken into? You would first need to analyze how, when, and why these break-ins happened – thereby attempting to understand the mindset of the perpetrators. Dealing with protecting your success and reputation is much the same. You need to fully understand the motives behind any attacks better than the ones who are committing the attacks against you. It is thereby required for you to constantly process negative, dark traits of human beings which often remain unspoken.

Attacks on your successes and reputation are never blatant and easy to get a read on. The word ‘attack’ may not describe them effectively. They are more intricate schemes than they are attacks, so you must be aware of many moving pieces.

A Mental Exercise for You to Try

You must first analyze what about you makes you susceptible to envious behavior from others which cause harm to something you spent time building – such as your reputation. What about you is something that other people want to have? Are you in cahoots with the boss? Is your salary substantially higher that that of your co-workers?

You must be honest with yourself in what about you is likely to be the target or darkness from others. To do this, you should put yourself in their shoes of those observing you. Are you in any way enticing deceitful behaviors of others by being flashy and outspoken about your success? Where would you, if you were a perpetrator, attack yourself to demolish your success?

It is probably evident now that this is a rabbit hole which twirls down into the darkest depths of human psychology. If you take this exercise seriously you will begin to notice how dark the thoughts of someone viewing you from the outside can become. Any one person in this world has the power to create a scheme elaborate enough to ruin everything that you worked hard for.

People Care Enough About Themselves to Worry About You

What should give you a sense of comfort, and what has saved you from these dark psychological attacks up until this point in your life, are the traits of your observers. Just as you are thinking about how to grow and maintain your success in the venture that you’re taking part in, so is every person that you see in your day-to-day life. The fact is that nobody has the time to completely focus on ruining someones career, family life, or reputation as a whole. Therefore if you simply care more about defending these things than say, 90% of the people who try to attack them, you will be in the clear. The exercise above will help you achieve this.

Who you should be careful of however, are people who will take it as far as they can in their efforts to destroy you. These people are the 0.1% that you meet in life and you should learn how to recognize early signs of their obsession with destroying you.

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