Why You Hate When People Show You Videos on Their Phones (and How to Use This Knowledge to Manage People)

People seldom accept having to do something without any form of push-back. That push-back is ingrained in most during their youth. Depending on how much you got away with pushing back on the things you were forced to do as a child, your psychology on that matter today is shaped by those experiences.

Some people cannot stand watching videos that others make them watch. The video may be entertaining, but they will be bored. The video may be educational, but they won’t learn a thing. A vast number of people around you will internally reject anything that they are made to do. Simply put, these people are addicts of control, and them not being able to control (due to maintaining their likeability) makes them reject the content that they are exposed to.

Utilizing Lessons From The Video Example

In an effort to take this video example and enlarge the perspective, there will be people in your life that reject everything that you ask them to do. Even if your intentions are good, a lot of people in this life just don’t like being told what to do. In order to make people do the things that you want them to, the ways of the past have been proven to not work. Formally accepted child-rearing methods of the past have consequences that shape society. These methods should be thought about as old technology, and newly discovered knowledge should stray us from the paths of those before.

Old methods of making children do the things that their parents wanted them to were primal and basic. Forceful attempts at behavior change were the norm, and generated groups of people who have a disdain to being told what to do. You should recognize this disdain in people quickly, and refrain from explicitly asking them to do anything. You must always make them believe that they want to do what you want them to.

Allow Them To Maintain Control

Making people do things that you want them to while still making them feel in control is a hard thing to do. You must make them believe that whatever you want them to do is a good idea. Explaining your reasoning for why things must be done in the way that you propose for them to be done can help. If managing a group and attributing tasks to your team members, you must always explain the reasoning of your task distribution and exactly what makes it fair.

Give your followers a voice and let their concerns be heard. When someone voices a concern which is taken seriously, they regain a sense of control in the situation – even if you do nothing tangible related to their concern. Listening to people give them a sense of peace with the situation in which they are in and is a powerful tool to making people do what you want. People’s dislike for watching your family videos from the past weekend is lessened if you ask them prior, and involve them in the process during.

If you want people to do the things that you want them to, you need to involve them in the process and make them believe the idea of what they are about to do is good. Remember this the next time you ask somebody to sit through a session of going through the photo album and set up their openness to do it earlier than you would normally.

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