Why People Will Hate You If You Try Their Craft

Becoming skilled at a craft is a journey of pain and suffering. As we try to increase our skills in any field that we pursue, we become victims of a lot of doubt from ourselves and others. Getting through that makes people become protective of their craft and ultra competitive.

Have you ever tried to challenge, directly or indirectly, someone in their chosen craft? If not then let’s get the outcome out of the way: they become competitive and vengeful. If you were to take the spotlight from anybody in their own craft then you would in turn have a target on your back from there on in. Some people might show this instantly and some might hold onto their desire to defeat you longer periods. Always know that challenging someone in what they hold dear can force that person become an enemy willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto their position.

A Child They Protect

Be weary of competing with people in a craft that they’re known to obsess over and love. For instance, refrain from showing videos of your singing to a group of people when one of them is an aspiring singer. Another example would be lecturing a group of friends on a particular science when one of those friends is studying that very field. The person whose craft you attempt to take part in will feel that you are taking the spotlight away from them. If you were to analyze carefully, you would see jealousy slowly mount.

Keep the people whose craft you are participating in away when partaking in it. For instance, it is best not to go to the gym with a friend who prides themselves on being fit. It is human nature to be competitive about the things we care, and if that person cares about fitness, then they wouldn’t want you becoming fitter than they perceive themselves to be. They will be willing to get you to the point where you are just beneath their skill level in the craft, but will do anything possible to stop you from achieving more than them in that specific venture.

This is why doing business with friends or family is never recommended and has become an often repeated old axiom. Your friends and family take pride in the field of business that they are in. Once you begin becoming skilled at their craft, they will begin to grow jealous. Once you pass them in skill level, then they will become your enemy. 

Be conscious of who takes pride in what behaviors and be weary of their growing jealousy as you try out those behaviors for yourself. Always keep a circle of people around you that take pride in different skills and ventures to avoid toxic competition developing from within the group. It is difficult to manage the devotion that people show to their chosen crafts, therefore it is best to keep similar devotions at a distance.

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