Why Having the Right Enemies Can Benefit You

Everyone we meet in life has a list of people who they like, and a list of people who can be classified as an enemy. When trying to attain the respect of certain individuals around you, you need to tap into their likes and dislikes. Understand which methods will make you trustworthy in their minds, and which pathways will lead you to being on the list of people who they like.

It is a common thought that in order to make someone like you, you need to know what they like and seem interested in it. Those mutual interests will drive conversation, always giving you something to talk about. What people forget to do however, is to tap into the dislikes of those who we want to like us as well. Every person finds things annoying, has their preferences, and looks for a team to be a part of as it relates to disliking those things. A lot of people also have enemies.

The Power of Mutual Enemies

The enemies of those you respect, can be made your own enemies if the benefits of sharing them with the people you respect is worth it. Sharing the judgement of those you respect will make place you on the same team as them, even if they didn’t approve you being there. Who the enemies are of those who you respect is a powerful thing to know. You can utilize that information to either overtake those who you respect by manipulating interactions with their enemies – or even befriending their enemies. Or you can come together to form a team in sharing the same enemies with those who you respect.

Sharing the same enemies means propagating the ideas of those you respect into the world without letting their enemies do anything about it. Enemies in our world do not exist as sword-wielding brutes. They exist as corporate talking heads which make the dissemination of your plans and ideas difficult. Everybody with influence has enemies such as these to battle in the ideological realm. If the ideas which you subscribe to have enemies, then they are now your enemies as well.

Find the enemies which are worth having. These are the enemies of people you respect, and enemies whose defeat will be beneficial to your reputation. Sharing enemies with those you want to work closely with will help you gain their trust and respect. They will tell you their strategies in defeating these enemies and it will create conversation points to scheme over. Having the right enemies acts like having the same interests as those you want to befriend. Enemies however, bring those who are battling them closer together than interests do. If you really want to get close to your superiors, managers, and leaders, then you must adopt their enemies as your own.

Book Recommendation: 

The Enemy: A Jack Reacher Novel


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