Why True Leaders Are Lonely

As a leader, you are the last in line. You are the person who gets the credit in triumph and the person who feels most pain in defeat. Your subordinates will have quarrels, they will have worries, and they will be unsure in the work that they’ve done. Your team will have a person to go to with all their problems for solutions. Your team will be able to feel emotion knowing that there is a person who may have the answers that they seek. 

Turning Chaos into Order

That person is you. Every feeling, every emotion, and every decision that needs to be made will come to you. As the one on top, you have nowhere to go to for answers and you have nobody to guide you in your journey for the truth. You must understand that your subordinates will come to you with emotion. Any venture worth doing is a scary undertaking. Your subordinates will be unsure, and your subordinates will sometimes even want to walk away from it all. 

You have to take all that chaos in and create order out of it. The real leader knows how to take everything into account and deliver a balanced and optimal solution. The first step to converting chaos into order is to turn yourself into a sponge of emotion. 

No Choice But to Listen and Not be Heard

The most vital role you play as a leader is being a stable beacon of support for your subordinates. Always remember: the leader who reacts emotionally to any sort of negative stimuli is not fit to lead the effort in mitigating the thing(s) that cause it. The image you portray in the face of bad news is just as – if not more – important than the strategy you come up with to overcome that bad news. This point is important enough to repeat and remember fully. Your primary task as a leader in any capacity is to display emotional strength in the time of worry. 

You have no choice but to listen to the bad news of your team members. If you choose to hide from it, it will come back to bite and defeat you in the end. You cannot escape the fearful and worrying information that will be escalated from levels below you. Act like you’ve been there before even if you’re afraid. Be afraid of failure, be afraid of losing, and be afraid of letting your subordinates see you being affected by any news that they may bring. 

You have no choice but to not be heard. The problems that are brought to you are now your own to deal with. The perks of being a leader can be curses in the time of hardship, and you earn your keep as a leader during the lowest of times. Being a leader is therefore a lonely pursuit as you are often left to not deal with your own emotions and hardships, but those of your subordinates as well. Stay strong, and have the confidence to know that you will get through anything that is brought up to your attention.

Your success as a leader will be correlated to how you deal with the lonesome facts of being in your position. How will you deal with knowing what you know and being required to do the things you need to do? The purpose of this article is to simply acknowledge these facts, remind you to portray an image of strength, and to be confident in yourself fixing the issues at hand. 

Book Recommendation: 

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm



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