Your team will undergo pressure which may lead to failed performances. Ensure that you do your best to maintain cohesion.

Why You Should Remain Cohesive as a Team in the Face of Adversity

This article aims to explore the dynamic of disagreeing with your team members during times of performance. Disagreements within a team are common and natural when ideas/plans are being ironed out. However, when it is time to perform, you should always maintain an image of cohesion as a team. Examples of ‘performing’ as a team can be a simple family outing in public, an important interdisciplinary meeting at work, or a group presentation at school.Continue reading

How to Utilize Your Attention Effectively in Competition

In any venture you partake in, there will be competitors that you will be forced to defeat. This is a fact of life that, if realized early in your pursuits, is beneficial to understand. You need to know and accept that competition will follow you in almost every facet of life, and you will need to learn how to win against your competition in order to see success on your chosen path. A mistake, isContinue reading

Why Your Quest to Find Meaning Will Turn Up Short

While measuring life with your certain set of tools, do not expect to fully understand it. You are a very small piece inside this enormous puzzle. You will always find a corner, and discover another caveat.  It is in your DNA. Understand it, bask in it, let it overtake you, let it scare you to the soul, let it take your soul, let it give your soul back, and let it own everything you love.Continue reading

Do not tag acceptance with criticism.

Why You Should Let Acceptance Simmer by Itself

Acceptance of others’ actions is best delivered in full. You may have witnessed being congratulated only to be the bearer of criticism soon-after. People like to couple criticism with words of positivity to make the criticism sting less. Without realizing that this method actually exaggerates their words of criticism, they hope their critical message is camouflaged by words of encouragement. Know that your words of positivity will have little impact if you follow them withContinue reading

How to Deal With Negativity From Those Around You

To begin, you need to realize that when dealing with humans, you are dealing with irrational, emotion-driven, biological beings. Humans are hard to predict because they are driven by yet unseen and unmeasured forces. These forces enable people to be nasty toward others of their kind, in an effort to win trivial battles day-to-day. One main realization you need to make when you decide not to let your mental well-being be affected by others, is that othersContinue reading

You should be warm and receptive to those who plead innocence.

How to Deal With Those Who Plead Innocence

It’s often difficult to accuse someone of being the owner of mistakes they’ve made. Our findings may be off, they can respond with their own, and a debate may break out. The people you accuse of being at fault in everyday life will not like you. Prior to placing blame on others, you should be content with the fact that you will be disliked by those you blame. We often need to establish clear ownership of blameContinue reading

Notice what others apologize for to know where they draw the line

How to Discover Where Others Draw the Line

The people we interact with tend to have varying limits of how much discomfort they can withstand. They may have more patience in certain domains, and less in others. They may expect people to apologize for things you wouldn’t think twice about, and may get upset over what you thought to be mundane behavior. The question of where other people draw the line is an interesting one to think about. There are people who areContinue reading

Increasing your presence can lower your workload.

How to Use Presence to Lessen Your Workload (at Work)

There are days when tasks at work seem to originate from a never-ending source. You’ll find yourself swallowed up in things you should be doing, and even feel overwhelmed. The feeling of being flooded with things to do is hellish. The thoughts which live in the deepest portions of your psyche may fear losing your job, or may keep telling you to walk away from it. The stress which being behind on work gives birth toContinue reading

Being simple gives space for others to show you their true selves.

How to Gauge Others by Being Simple

Meeting new people is a feeling-out process. Those we meet for the first time typically witness a filtered, and small, sample of what we’re all about. We never want to appear too drastic in the portrayal of our image when we first meet somebody. You wouldn’t want to scare anyone away with your more extreme behaviors, thereby you may filter those behaviors out until others get to know you a little better. Just as othersContinue reading

Rather than moving away from doubt, you should be motivated to tackle it head on.

Why You Should Confront Every Doubt (in Yourself and Others)

Disclaimer: What’s written below is meant to be motivational in nature. It provides little in actionable advice. Navigating through the nuance of human interaction requires uninterrupted attention to detail. Intuition will play a large factor in how you choose to react to others. Two people can say the exact same words in two very different ways. Should you react the same way to both despite the differences with which they present their information? Your intuitive thoughts will enticeContinue reading

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