Why You Shouldn’t Smile in Every Photo

This article’s title is meant to be a metaphor for doing or saying something so often, that it loses meaning. Specifically, it hints at not over-utilizing techniques of persuading people. You likely know individuals who are so focused on being charismatic, that their charisma begins to lose its potency to those who know them well. We label people as fraudulent once we notice that they’ve fallen in love with utilizing certain techniques of ‘persuasion’. An example of thisContinue reading

Why You Should Focus on Helping Others Grow

You may have noticed by now that people have their good and bad days. The ones we respect sometimes let us down by acting out in ways which the people we have little respect for would act like. We’re often conflicted while witnessing someone having a bad day. We question whether what we see is in fact their natural state of being, or simply a rare event of them losing their composure. The decisions weContinue reading

Why You Should Thoroughly Analyze Your Own Interests

In attempts to know what people want during a particular moment in time, you should first aim to understand what you would want in that situation yourself. The obvious way to do that, would be to, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes;” a notion which can be extended to mean: an effort to become the person you want to understand. The second-best way, is to remember a time when you were in a similar situation. It isContinue reading

How to Get Someone to Try New Things

Talking people into trying something new is hard work. Sometimes, trying something new is a process of breaking some identifies you’ve considered yourself to be labeled by. A person who’s considered themselves to be afraid of large bodies of open water is not likely to dive off a 20-foot cliff into the Mediterranean sea. The longer that a person has held onto an identity of any sort, the harder it will be to entice thatContinue reading

Why Conflict Can Be a Good Thing for Your Growth

Conflicts are a part of life. If you’re not having conflicts with others, you’d be lucky to not have conflicts with yourself. Waking up in the morning is hard when your dreams aren’t panning out. Looking in the mirror is tough when you don’t like what you see, and dealing with the shortcomings of those you live with is a task of patience to say the least. Conflicts are the thorns on the edges of theContinue reading

Steve Jobs: Three Actionable Traits of His Influence

Steve Jobs’ influence reached into the homes of billions around the world. He was a person who was essential in morphing what was once a bodiless idea into one of the wealthiest corporations to ever exist. An article on this site will not do Jobs’ influential traits any justice. He was a visionary, a stellar businessman, and most importantly, a person who had an exceptional understanding of consumer psychology. He was rebellious and was notContinue reading

How to Deal With People Who Are All Up in Your Business

If you’re careful about controlling what others know about your private life, then there may be times you’d wish people just stop asking so many questions. There are people who value information less than you, and to them, asking personal questions goes without much thought. They have no conception of how uncomfortable it may be for you to answer them, and may be taken by surprise should you refuse to answer to their attempts toContinue reading

Why You Should Embrace the Lonely Facets of Leadership

As a leader of a particular domain, you are the last in line. You are the person who gets the most credit in triumph and the person who feels most pain in defeat. Your subordinates will have quarrels, they will have worries, and they will be unsure in the work that they’ve done. Your team will have a person to go to with all their problems for solutions. Your team will also be able toContinue reading

Why Silence Is a Perfect Psychological Warfare Tool – (Ghost / Ignore Others)

Have you ever been ghosted by a person who means something to you? The feeling of being ignored is a painful one. When ignored, people feel inadequate. They lose themselves in doubt, sadness, and a plummeting sense of self-worth. The act of ignoring is seldom discussed as a psychological weapon, though it is a mighty powerful one. It is powerful because it requires minimal action from its user, and uses the mind of their victimContinue reading

Why You Should Deal With Deception in a Subtle Way

People don’t like being called out, especially on lies. An effective approach to achieving the goals that calling people out publicly brings, is to also do it subtly, so only you and the liar know the truth. A subtle call out looks like normal conversation, in which you only hint that you are aware of the truth and therefore their lie. Calling people out on lies in extravagant ways leads to negative feelings in theContinue reading

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