sometimes encouraging others fails to change their behavior. Be careful on your journey to discourage behavior, there are ways to do it in an implicit manner.

How to Dissuade, When Encouragement Fails

Your attempts to change behavior through methods of encouragement will sometimes fail. Those around us can have a difficult time understanding why a certain course of action is beneficial to their cause. Smokers know that cigarettes will be a likely catalyst to their early death, and people who don’t exercise tend to know the benefits of physical exercise well. There’ll be times when no matter how much you try to teach others of the benefits involved inContinue reading

our friends can limit our growth, how should we handle these situations?

How to Deal With Friends Who Hold You Back

The friendships you develop in life will help you in many aspects of it. Apart from our primal need to seek comradery and social connection, friendships also contribute to our personal growth. The friends you develop in the professional realm will allow you to take advantage of opportunities you may not have had access to alone. Friends help us when we experience difficult life events, and can serve to connect us with others whom we goContinue reading

in order for others to follow you, you must be willing to go where they're afraid to venture

Why You Should Seek the Most Painful Information

Disclaimer: This article does not advocate negativity of any sort. Your mental health is of most importance, so do not follow this advice if you deem it dangerous to your well-being. Perhaps you’ve heard about negative visualization – the philosophy of seeking out what hurts is not new in the realm of self-improvement. What we’d like to do here, is provide some insight into why seeking out painful information helps in growing our influence onContinue reading

you'll be forced to manage people who undergo tragic life events. how should we go about doing it?

Why the Well-Being of Those Around You Matters Most

On your task of getting things done at home or work, you’ll have to work with others. While working with the people who help you get your tasks completed, some will triumph and some will fail. You’ll work with people whose parent may have recently passed, and those whose mental health takes a turn for the worst. Handling our relationships with people whose well-being is in a state of suffering is difficult to do. EspeciallyContinue reading

ignoring the displeasure you hear from employees can be a mistake. you may put your goals at risk, and influence your team to turn against you

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Employees’ Displeasure

This article was motivated by advice we gave to an IT manager breaking bad news to their team. The piece of bad news was that project go-live was coming up, and in the month leading towards go-live date, all members of the project team would be required to work 60-hour weeks. The advice this manager sought surrounded the best way to break this news. An apparent factor in this example was the evident displeasure heard andContinue reading

the act of winning carries with it dangers you may not be prepared for

Why You Should Be Careful Being First

The times when we come in first feel good. These wins may be big or small, but the feeling of being ahead of others is as addictive as it is desirable. There’s no reason for it to not feel good, as we’ve got no one else to beat when we come in first. One thing people forget however, is that the game of life keeps replaying. The competitions that you win will come around again nextContinue reading

people will look for ways to discredit what you achieve in life

Why You Should Agree With Excuses for Your Success

With any success you see in life, you’ll hear excuses as to what possibly could have propelled you towards it. Even those who give you the credit you deserve will tend to couple it with some sort of explanation. They will credit your ability to focus, your ability to learn quicker than others, and your natural ability to organize information into something of value. There will be few people properly enamored by your success without addingContinue reading

be weary of being discouraged by asking too many questions. remember that ego drives the answers that you hear

Why People Over-Complicate What They’re Good At

When inquiring into what others are good at, their methodology for doing what they do quickly becomes hard to follow. What are subjectively minute tasks for some, are overly complicated ones for those who’ve not yet grown accustomed to the same level of expertise. If the average person were to attend an NBA team’s practice, they would be blown away. The sheer percentage of shots going in the basket would astound them, and the low rateContinue reading

when people recommend things, be careful about your response to them. Don't One-Up them as they can perceive you as challenging their knowledge and helpfulness.

Why You Shouldn’t One-Up Recommendations You Receive

We tend to receive a substantial number of unsolicited recommendations throughout the day. With experience, people learn optimal ways to complete tasks, gather information, and navigate through life in general. Sharing our recommendations with others provides us with a sense of worth and purpose. It shows us that we are useful to the world around us, no matter how small of a part we play. These feelings drive others to jump on opportunities to help thoseContinue reading

Forcing our interests on others can not always go to plan. Be careful being forceful with what you want others to listen to, as it may bring forth unnecessary stress.

Why You Should Let Others Play Music in the Car

The example of playing music in a car will be used as a metaphor for forcing your interests upon others. Taste in music is a personal matter. If you’ve ever been on a car ride with a few friends, you may have noticed there are people who itch to play their favorite songs for everyone else. As if yearning for acceptance of their tastes, some try hard to have their playlists be heard by others. They takeContinue reading

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