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Why You Should Master the Art of Baiting Others

Disclaimer: Please let go of the interpretation that baiting others is a behavior driven by malice. The advice given below is for the sole purpose of doing good. To bait others is to direct the world around you. Like a good director of a movie, you need to know how to make the actors of your world commit to their roles and truly believe in what they do. Bait is an important aspect of marketing andContinue reading

How to Stop Drama in Your Life (Arguments, Disagreements, and Fights)

Drama, and the stress around it, is caused by two or more people – yes, at least two – letting their actions be charged with emotional pain. The emotional pain they experience may not be there in reality, but one’s reality is only as real as one’s perception. The first step in the process is feeling emotional pain, and the second is to charge your actions with it. Actions charged with emotion can be seen from aContinue reading

How to Know What Others Care About

In the heat of battle, one needs to study what his opponent cares most about. The knowledge of your opponent’s thoughts during battle is an overwhelming advantage for your cause. The benefits of knowing what others care about are not limited to the battlefield. Knowing what people are passionate for can aid you in your day-to-day world as well. When you know what somebody’s soft points are, you can compliment, interview, and comfort them. TheseContinue reading

How to Take Risky Actions Properly

Two things that are not taught in schools is how to be courageous and brave. Traits like those are either acquired or learned by a select few. If the person lives a life filled with authentic lessons of courage and bravery, then they understand what it means to turn thought into action. Most people live comfortable lives commuting to work during the day and running errands around their professional schedule. Though this modern way of life isContinue reading

Why Your Weaknesses Will Be Exploited

If you are an honest human being, you know that you have weaknesses that need work. These weaknesses are what make you work hard in order to hopefully overcome them, day in and day out. The insecurities that you hold are extremely visible to those around you. Thereby if you have identified a weakness of yours, you must quickly begin work to fix the issue. While you are at work fixing the issues causing your weaknesses toContinue reading

Why You Need to Know If Attacks Are Personal

Human nature makes us accept any negativity from one another as personal attacks on our being. Whether someone cut you off in traffic, shoved you on the sidewalk, or wrote a nasty email about you at work, if you get upset at these occurrences then you took them personally. Freeing yourself from taking everything that happens to you personally will clear up your mind to focus on the things that you need to focus on inContinue reading

How to Stand Out in Your Manager’s Eyes

You may have heard the advice of providing management with solutions rather than coming to them with problems you need help with. That is good advice when you are able to find a solution to an issue. However, showing your managers how you work through problems you have not yet found solutions for can benefit you as well. Working out problems outside your scope of work along with upper management is an effective way of standing outContinue reading

How Cursing and Being Brash Can Increase Your Influence

The issue with conforming to normal behavior is that everyone else is conforming to it as well. When you are being politically correct, you by nature stand out less than the brash people around you. Being brash and going against the norm will typically cause you to stand out in a negative light rather than playing to your benefit. The decision to stand out from the crowd is therefore plagued by this dilemma. Do you conformContinue reading

Why You Should Know the Options Your Customers Have

When making a deal or sale, you will be dealing with customers who will likely have options beyond what you offer. Your goal is to provide a good service for which you are compensated fairly. In the negotiation stages, an important point of leverage your customers have is the ability to promise you their business while leaving an out for themselves in case they find a better deal. This is especially true for businesses whichContinue reading

How to Improve the Quality of Advice You Receive

On your path to fulfilling the goals that you set for yourself, you will sometimes feel a need to get the opinions and advice of those around you. Their advice will help in many ways, and can be a guiding beacon in times of absolute darkness. Something that people often forget is that the quality of advice one receives is dependent on both the giver as well as the receiver of the advice. Your questionsContinue reading

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