Why You Need to be Tuned Into the Reactions of Others

As you very well may know by now, people don’t only communicate in a verbal manner. There are different forms of communication. In addition to body language, people communicate with reactions. Laughing is a reaction, crying is a reaction, and any other action driven by emotion as it relates to a stimuli can also be a reaction. If you say something that makes your audience laugh out loud, then there is a form of truth thatContinue reading

How to Master the Art of Asking for What You Want

The answer contained in this article is to ask for more and receive exactly what you want. However, this advice is widely known to many, yet very few can master its execution. Receiving what you want from the world around you greatly depends on how you go about in asking for those things. Always remember that your desires for wanting whatever it is that you want must be backed up by reason. Nobody can have what theyContinue reading

How to Use the Word “But” When Delivering Criticism

As popularized by Dale Carnegie in the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” the word “but” is a powerful killer of morale. Have you ever been listening to someone talk and just waiting for the “but” in their statement? A common tactic of telling people the truth is to mask the harsh truth with a compliment in the beginning of the statement and a “but” in the middle of it. The word “but” rendersContinue reading

How to Deal With People Who Always Make Excuses

In your journey to developing mental strength, you begin to recognize times when people lack it. This can be frustrating, like seeing greener grass over a hilltop which most can’t get their heads above. You will feel misunderstood in your reactions to people’s excuses, as these excuses are very true to them. You will begin to realize that people’s core beliefs have excuses at their foundation. It will become evident that excuses are created andContinue reading

Why People Will Hate You If You Try Their Craft

Becoming skilled at a craft is a journey of pain and suffering. As we try to increase our skills in any field that we pursue, we become victims of a lot of doubt from ourselves and others. Getting through that makes people become protective of their craft and ultra competitive. Have you ever tried to challenge, directly or indirectly, someone in their chosen craft? If not then let’s get the outcome out of the way:Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Seek Praise at Work

The benefits of getting praised at work are well known by most. Depending on the praise that you receive, you can use positive evaluation of your work to further your career and get more people on your side of influence at work. Everybody respects a hard worker at work, and if the praise is deserved, there is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving it.  The reactions of your colleagues to praise that you receive is difficult toContinue reading

How to Handle Stress-Inducing Coworkers and Classmates

The workplace is a common source of stress. We often have deadlines to hit, stakeholders to interact with, and products to implement with success. Mix personal agendas and egos in, and the recipe is often perfect for the build-up of high stress levels. Your coworkers, classmates, and other acquaintances can be primary sources of stress if you do not wade through the waters in which they swim with finesse. To get you started on howContinue reading

Why You Should Never Argue With Final Decisions

There will be times when you fully believe a decision being made around you is not the right one. You might have ideas which are factually better than the ones being implemented by other people, and you may have a vision which others fail to realize. The lack of being understood in this sense is a painful undergoing. You will not feel heard by those around you and you will not feel trusted. Placing theContinue reading

Why Listening Is a Lost Art and Skill

Do you ever feel nervous before a big presentation or interview? What’s most likely going through your head is how you will deliver what you need to say in a manner which is understood by the other party – and maybe even captivate them. Do Not Plan While Listening When its time to listen to the person you’re speaking with however, you’ve probably caught yourself planning what you will be saying in your next ‘verse’. In doing so,Continue reading

Why We Instinctively Fear People with No Core Beliefs

When analyzing the introduction of new people in their life, humans instinctively look for central, or core, beliefs. Learning of others’ core beliefs allows us to somewhat predict the actions of another, as well as pinpoint what matters to the opposition most. Doing this allows us to know whether someone is a threat to us and to those who we hold close. If we can’t triangulate the central ideologies of those we meet – thenContinue reading

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