Why You Should Admit to the Unfair Advantages You Possess

There are few interactions which occur on absolutely equal ground. Even if the factors are controlled as much as possible, life’s unfair ways seem to always make their mark on our reality. The athletes partaking in a 100m sprint (a seemingly fair and controlled competition) didn’t all eat the same thing, and sleep in the same position. They didn’t all say the same exact things to their family, and hear the same exact things fromContinue reading

Why Damaging Remarks Are More Painful When Shrouded in Kindness

This article hopes to explore why painful comments are most effective when they’re sandwiched between compliments. This is an effort to help you see signs of people who attempt to cause damage. This write up provides reason for why saying things in a specific order is effective in eliciting pain, but it is not an advocacy for you to begin saying things in that order. In order to effectively manage those who attempt to bring us pain, we should attemptContinue reading

How to Provide Input When Many Good Opinions Are Being Shared

You’ve likely felt the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your body the moment you decide on voicing your thoughts in an important meeting, class, or gathering. We suddenly become aware of our heart beating at speeds it shouldn’t be for a person who’s sitting down. We hope our voice doesn’t crack before we begin speaking. While speaking, it’s all a blur. The next thing you know, you’re done talking, and can only hope the reactionContinue reading

Why There Is a Case for Keeping Certain People You Know Separated

Your life is connected to the lives of many others. You enjoy a meal brought by a server, and depend on your mechanic to keep your car in running order. Without others, your life would be markedly more difficult. We live our lives by interacting with the various groups of people which allow us to live the way we do. The relationships in your life have been cultivated and are a process of hard work.Continue reading

Why It May Not Be Obvious Whether You Should Correct Others

Disclaimer: This article’s presentation is bound to a context within which others’ bad ideas pose no immediate danger to you. On average, people aren’t anywhere near perfect in their attempts to memorize facts. Like sand in an hourglass, information tends to leak into oblivion as soon as one stops actively accessing in. The facts we attempt to recite after letting them sit in the back of the mind for a little too long can often comeContinue reading

How to Treat People Who’ve Let You Down

The feeling of being let down by those who we’ve put our trust in, is more disappointing than it is angering. The disappointment comes from expecting your reality to play out in a way which it does not. The closer you are to the person who has let you down, the more disappointing it is. The specifics of the letdown can be labelled as secondary in importance to who it was that let you down. Some letdownsContinue reading

Why a Divine Connection Is a Powerful, but Cheap, Method in Maintaining Influence

Religious dialogue is still very much a part of what people say. “Thank God,” goes through the minds of those who narrowly escape being hit by a car. People who are astonished by a happening in front of them often exclaim their surprise with an, “Oh my God!” Some people however, tend to take it a step further. They begin attributing their success to being favored by whichever God they believe in. They begin alludingContinue reading

How to Comfort Your Parents While Trying to Follow Your Dreams

Those you call your family want you to be okay. They generally want you to not feel hunger, and to steer clear of a chaotic lifestyle. A way of life which is considered ‘safe’ is often the most direct path toward calming the worries that members of your family feel for you. Safe, by this definition, is aligning with the comfortable majority in the lifestyle decisions we make. Those who lead seemingly comfortable lives followContinue reading

Why Some Millionaires Drive Cheap Cars

The concept of remaining frugal in light of achieving financial freedom is not new. Frugality is coupled with humility. People consider the rich person who lives frugally to have discovered a sense of understanding which not many rich people do. They’re considered to be winning the battle against their ego, and are seen as properly aligned with the deeper meanings of what it takes to lead a meaningful life. Whether these people are right or wrongContinue reading

Why To Avoid Asking Leading Questions in Everyday Life

People get offended by the words in these articles, do you think you can be open minded in your analysis of these opinions? The question above is led by a comment which alludes to its desired answer. It puts pressure on you as a reader to answer dishonestly and to lead on an image that you may not be able to maintain. You’re very well allowed to disagree with the things written on this page,Continue reading

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