disctracting others is a sure way to make them hate you

Why Those Who You Distract Will Hate You

One of the more impactful mistakes you can make is to go about your life without noticing the effects you have on others. Your state of assessing your own actions and behavior should be perpetual. Being in tune with the mark you make on the ones around you will educate you on how to improve going forward. Do not view being in tune with others’ concerns as something other than merely the desire for selfContinue reading

forcing others to listen to what you say can lead to regret and unintended consequences, it will stifle beauty, and force tremendous responsibility on your shoulders

Why You Can’t Force Others to Listen

Disclaimer: This article offers no practical methods or strategic/situational advice. It is written to be a motivational piece which hopefully encourages a shift in overall perspective. To avoid your disappointment, please be aware there is limited pragmatic, actionable advice contained below. One of the more painful realizations of life is that sometimes, no matter how right what you say turns out to be, it will be ignored by others when you say it. Being ignored whenContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in How You Show Attention. The Effect It Has on People Watching From Outside

Why You Shouldn’t Vary in Your Show of Attention

The people in your life are grouped into various mental categories. These categories aren’t linear in their listing. Specific categories may distinguish the level of trust you have for your various friends. Other categories can represent which floors your acquaintances at work sit on. In an effort to articulate the motive of this article, the following example will be used: The person you sit next to at work typically demands your kind attention. You sometimesContinue reading

Disdain for Authority, They Will Choose to Follow Rather Than Be Forced

Why You Should Treat Superiority as a Privilege

You work hard to get to the position you see yourself achieving. Whether that position involves leading the team which you were once a member of, or getting hired as a head of an organization, rising up in professional ranking takes committed hard work. Achieving what we work hard for is a pleasant feeling. We feel validated, our ambitious vision is now aligned with reality, and we feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. These feelings canContinue reading

envy over what you have can cause unanticipated reactions from others

How to Handle Having What Others Desperately Desire

Have you ever felt an undeserved feeling of guilt while walking past a beggar on the street? Even though you may have attained your wealth and status by way of honest hard work, seeing others in desperate situations induces feelings of guilt. These feelings of guilt are difficult to explain but they force us to walk a little faster and cover up our riches. This dynamic exists in anything you own which others desperately desire. HandlingContinue reading

ignoring things makes them grow. Be careful getting into a habit of ignoring the issues around youi

Why You Amplify The Things You Ignore

We’ve all felt the pressure to ignore things we’d rather not face head-on. You may have noticed a leak in your gutter, a squeaking refrigerator door, or a noise coming from the serpentine belt under the hood of your car. We ignore things because we don’t feel like dealing with them at that moment in time, and perhaps other moments to come. We ignore things because we perceive their effects to not be detrimental to ourContinue reading

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How to Ask for Faster Replies From Others – (Ignored Emails, Texts, Phone Calls)

You may be being actively ignored in your personal life or simply need to gather information at a faster rate at work. According to how affected you are by others’ lack of response, the need to comment on the speed of the responses you expect from others is sometimes hard to resist. Though it is sometimes best not to comment and simply plan for this behavior of theirs beforehand, you may decide to address the issueContinue reading

be careful about being repetitive with the lessons that you teach

Why They’ll Listen Less the More You Sing

You’ll learn many truths on your journey to expand your knowledge.Truth often feels like growth, and sometimes serves to alleviate the various pains of daily life. You’ll learn hard lessons which are brought on by making mistakes. You’ll hurt others on your way to truth, and perhaps you’ll hurt yourself. Upon discovering your truths, you’ll feel a desire to spread them. You’ll see others in similar situations as yourself, and will want to deliver guidance. InContinue reading

it's becoming hard to filter for useful information. how you choose to do so will dictate who controls how you grow to think

How to Practically Filter for Useful Information

Information can be used to control us, suppress us, and to misdirect us. Information can be key to attaining power, and misinformation can be the trigger to losing it. Information does not come labelled and sorted for us. We seldom know if the information we take in is beneficial to our goals or detrimental to our success. Our time is susceptible to being wasted by useless information, with others can benefit from the attention thatContinue reading

Why You Should Race Towards the Details

While on the quest to cross things off of your to-do list, details matter. Details hold the issues you desperately don’t want to discover, as well as the path toward solving those issues in an efficient way. This article will focus on why details matter when interacting with those around you. The success of conversations you have, the arguments in which you partake, and the agenda that you push all depend on how in tune withContinue reading

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