Life's small victories seldom lead to lasting lessons learned. Be careful trying to win battles which are small in scope.

Why You Shouldn’t Win Now at the Risk of Losing Later

This article will center around the desire to come out victorious in life’s meaningless battles. Any notion you set out to prove to those around you can turn into one of these battles. Should the right opponent come along, you can find yourself defending seemingly mundane behavior and thoughts. People will attack you for how you lead your life in a variety of ways, and this article aims to help you view all your interactions inContinue reading

It is kind of you to allow others to be kind toward you.

Why You Should Be Open to Receiving Kindness

A marker of kindness is acting in a way which benefits someone without expecting anything in return. As if receiving a gift from the universe, being the recipient of kindness alleviates the burdens of our day. For a brief moment in time, the pressures of life seem to be relieved. We feel lighter amidst acts of kindness from others, and typically do not plan on kindness coming our way when we first get out of bed toContinue reading

How to Win by Sometimes Losing

The path to greatness involves the act of winning battles along the way. These battles can present themselves clothed in many forms, but one thing is for sure: you’ll need to win a consecutive series of them. Amidst heated competition, our instincts become to attack what is keeping us from attaining what we desire, and destroy those who stand in our way. When on a consistent winning streak against the obstacles that are in your way you’llContinue reading

Why You Should Know When to Leave

In any professional or recreational environment, the social dynamic is made of constant transactions. Like the stock market, people’s social value fluctuates during an outing, a night out, or a corporate meeting. Anything you do or say – and the timing with which you do and say those things – either supplements or takes away from your social value in that setting. A full analysis of social value in different settings is a study beyondContinue reading

You can use online anonymity to make lasting changes in the world you live. Utilize this privilege to improve the lives of others.

Why Online Anonymity Should Make You More Positive

The incidence of negative dialogue within online communities is common when its users maintain their anonymity. People feel protected by anonymity, and experience fewer social barriers in sharing their – perhaps hurtful – opinions. The ability to express displeasure is an important aspect of anonymity. It allows for an honest discussion of ideas, and encourages a communal search for some of the harshest truths. Habits form when our backs are turned however, and some people makeContinue reading

The things you say may be important, but without the attention of those who listen, you will not spread your truth.

How to Court Attention by Omitting Information

People around you use a variety of techniques to have their voices be heard. Some speak louder when others’ attention falters, and others rely on subtlety to entice those around them to listen more attentively. This article is about one method in attaining the attention of those around you. The more methods of garnering attention that you study, the higher your chances of being heard will be. The method presented in this article will revolve around strategicallyContinue reading

Being unpredictable in your thoughts and actions will attract people around you.

How to Use Unpredictability to Your Advantage

Your plans and schemes are most powerful when they catch others by surprise. Unpredictability helps draw attention to the positive actions you commit. Unpredictability can mean allowing others to hear you sing beautifully for the first time, and may be the act of solving a Rubik’s cube when someone hands you one at random. The positive attention you garner by surprising people can be taken advantage of in your social interactions as well. The people youContinue reading

People are susceptible to trading in a lot for a feeling of importance.

How to Barter Your Importance for More Tangible Perks

If you’re willing to give up some of the importance you hold in a particular domain, you can trade it for other beneficial things. Suppressing your desire to feel important is essential in developing a holistic state of mental health. Desire for importance controls the behavior of many that you know and interact with. We tell stories we are proud of, and post pictures which paint a positive picture of our lives. We yearn toContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Benefit off Others’ Vulnerable States

In an effort to be memorable, we have to place ourselves in vulnerable positions. The jokes you perform will leave you in a vulnerable state until laughter from the crowd validates your creativity. The heartfelt speech you deliver leaves you vulnerable to others’ interpretation. Will your passion be interpreted as coming from a place of love or hate? Will your tone be interpreted as soothing or harsh? Will a word you don’t think twice aboutContinue reading

Why Being Well-Liked and Respected Are Unrelated Traits

Being liked and being respected are two different traits which many people confuse with one another. If you seem to be well-liked by those around you, it does not equate to you being respected. Respect is by nature surrounded by hints of positive envy. We respect those who do what we cannot yet do. As much as you want to think that you choose who you respect, your respect is often commanded without any inputContinue reading

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