Why You Should Support Those Who Are Struggling to Learn

There will be people that you meet who will grasp concepts slower than you and others around them. These people are either plagued by inexperience in the domain which they’ve been thrown into, or are merely slower at grasping concepts than others. There will be times when you begin to lose patience with these people and feel like taking tasks on alone, assigning responsibility to others, and generally pushing the slower folks away from doingContinue reading

Why You Should (Sometimes) Publicize Your Failures

People do not enjoy the continuous winning streaks of others. The missing ingredient in many competitors’ minds is the ability to utilize defeat to their advantage. If admitted at the right time and with the right tone, recognizing that you’ve made a mistake is well worth the embarrassment. People root for the unlikely heroes who triumph over obstacles in their way and will tend to root for you if you provide your failures and triumphs for themContinue reading

Why It Is Weak to Be Predictable

The routines you’re living your life with make you predictable. Depending on how closely you follow the various routines that you live your life by, you can become an easy target for deception. It is generally believed that following a set routine is a net positive. However, if you constantly find yourself in a competitive environment, you may be doing yourself a lot of harm by following a set routine in the things that youContinue reading

Why You Should Stop Interrupting People Immediately

Interrupting those who are speaking is a killer of social worth and general likability. You have likely felt the annoying feeling of not being allowed to express your full train of thought during conversations in the past. It is a terrible feeling which not many explore the nature of. Have you ever wondered why you feel annoyed or angered when people interrupt your speech?  The analysis of yourself in those situations will help you understandContinue reading

How to Win Against Ultra-Competitive People

There are people out there who are competitive at all costs. Anything that you do around them will be met with a challenge, and you will be thrown into competition without expressed agreement. Success today is defined as being built on an ultra-competitive mindset and utmost dedication to your craft. These traits are positive influences toward reaching your goals, but a life filled with competitors who are copies of one another is a life filled withContinue reading

Why You Should Let Go of Your Ideas

Lost ideas are those which you thought of and forgot to write down. They’re the ideas that were so good, you forgot all about them. Until it is time to reach into memory, you’re very sure you will always remember them. Losing those good ideas doesn’t feel too good. The pain stems deep and you feel a great deal of loss. There was potential for those ideas to morph into the next Apple, Microsoft, Google. NowContinue reading

Why You Should Analyze Live Performances

Navigating through life requires you to perform on the different stages that comprise it. You will need to be at your best during many moments in life, and you must learn how to be a good performer. To perform is to execute a planned action in flawless fashion, minimizing mistakes and maximizing the impact of your work. Learning how to execute your plans flawlessly takes repetitive and extensive experience. Becoming a good performer in lifeContinue reading

How to Handle False Accusations in Everyday Life

Being falsely accused of something that you did not do can feel like psychological torture. It represents reality not aligning with your version of it inside your mind, this time being directly to do with you. Depending on what you are falsely accused of, the intensity of your experience can differ based on the specifics of your case. This article will focus on accusations which we experience in our day-to-day lives and is not intendedContinue reading

How to Lessen the Pain of Goodbyes

Goodbyes are painful because we fear forgetting and being forgotten. If you were to approach the painful feeling of saying goodbye as a problem with potential solutions, then being memorable is a good first start. In order for goodbyes to hurt less, you need to find effective ways of lingering in the minds of others for a long time. If your ideas live on inside the minds of who you interact with after you are no longerContinue reading

Why You Need to be Tuned Into the Reactions of Others

As you very well may know by now, people don’t only communicate in a verbal manner. There are different forms of communication. In addition to body language, people communicate with reactions. Laughing is a reaction, crying is a reaction, and any other action driven by emotion as it relates to a stimuli can also be a reaction. If you say something that makes your audience laugh out loud, then there is a form of truth thatContinue reading

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