Why One Rule Will Improve Your Marketing Influence

The study and practice of marketing is too big to encapsulate into one article. We will take the approach of looking at marketing as the transmittal of your own ideas into the minds of others. Influencing and marketing go hand-in-hand, with marketing serving as a tool for the growth of influence. The better you are at marketing your ideas, the faster and wider your influence will grow. Marketing for the sake of growing your influenceContinue reading

How to Turn Your Enemies into Allies

Passion represents itself in a variety of ways throughout life. The passion with which somebody hates you can be utilized for good with the momentum that it carries. You should aim to utilize all passion displayed towards you for beneficial purposes. Whether you derive these benefits specifically for yourself or for those around you is your decision. However, with some simple guiding principles, you can turn the passion with which your enemies hate you withContinue reading

How Not to Seem Boring to People Around You

People are not influenced by the common thoughts of others. In order to influence others you need to deliver unique thoughts into the world. When analyzing people, you will notice how common the thoughts and comments of the average person are. People tend to have similar triggers for the particular things that they speak about. Say for example a traffic light pole fell on the street, what percentage of the people that see it will comment onContinue reading

Why True Leaders Are Lonely

As a leader, you are the last in line. You are the person who gets the credit in triumph and the person who feels most pain in defeat. Your subordinates will have quarrels, they will have worries, and they will be unsure in the work that they’ve done. Your team will have a person to go to with all their problems for solutions. Your team will be able to feel emotion knowing that there isContinue reading

How to Know When Someone Doesn’t like You at Work

Office politics are tricky to navigate. Amidst conflict, people try to keep attention away from themselves, and act only in a defensive manner. It may be relatively easy to know when someone doesn’t like you if they don’t mind making that fact known. In a professional environment however, people are more subdued in their expression of negative opinions about others. The danger in that fact for you is that you may not know who exactlyContinue reading

How to Say the Harsh Truth Without the Consequences

You might have felt the feeling of saying exactly what’s on your mind from time to time. In the heat of the moment, exclaiming the blatant truth is a romantic idea. We always wonder why the raw, harsh truth gets hidden from everyday conversation and sometimes we feel like changing that fact. Before you venture on the hero’s journey to giving birth to truth in your world, be aware of exactly why most people shyContinue reading

Why You Should Deal With Deception in a Subtle Way

People don’t like being called out, especially on lies. An effective approach to achieving the goals that calling people out publicly brings, is to also do it subtly, so only you and the liar know the truth. A subtle call out looks like normal conversation, in which you only hint that you are aware of the truth and therefore their lie. Calling people out on lies in extravagant ways leads to negative feelings in theContinue reading

How to Know When You’re Winning a Competition

Some competitions that you take part in may be explicit in the way they crown winners and losers. Others however, can be competitions in which the winners are not crowned and the losers are not labelled. These competitions can stem from being in healthy competition with your workout buddy who you try to out-lift in the gym, to asking the better questions during a lecture at school. Implicit competition is often times the realm in which peopleContinue reading

Why You Should Keep the People in Your Life Separated

Your daily life is connected to the lives of many others. You enjoy a meal brought by a server, and depend on your mechanic to keep your car in running order. Without others, your life would be markedly more difficult. We live our lives by interacting with the various groups of people that allow us to live the way we do. The relationships in your life have been cultivated and are a process of hardContinue reading

Why It’s Important to Miss Out on Things

Being absent and missing out on things can be turned into a positive if done right. A primal human need is to be made to feel important, as popularized by Dale Carnegie. This is what makes us attend social events and gatherings, and not want to miss out on events that we hold dear to our ego. When you choose not to be in attendance for any particular gathering or event, all your ideas, yourContinue reading

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