How to Handle Jealousy From Friends and Family

Have you ever been jealous of the accomplishments that your close friends and family attain while you are stuck in your everyday rut? The reason you’ve felt that feeling is because you are meant to feel it. These competitive traits existed within you before you began to exist in this world. The jealousy you sometimes feel today, our ancestors felt as well. The repercussions of not acting on these feelings of envy and jealousy however,Continue reading

How to Be a Better Presenter in Life and Business

Being a good presenter in life and in business means getting the answer right every time. Getting the answer right in this sense would encompass any action in which you perform in the most pleasing way. Therefore getting the answer right to any questions the listener has before they get a chance to voice them into reality. When good presenters finish with their presentations, they’ve itched all of the listeners’ hypothetical itches. They’ve thought ahead,Continue reading

Why You Should Talk About Dreams With Strangers

The dreams we dream at night is information that often stays private with us and is information which we protect from the judgement of others. We see our dreams as uncontrollable instances in our day, a view which births a sort of fear that surrounds the topic. We fear of telling stories about our nightly dreams because they may reveal private information about us. You may have dreams of your crush reciprocating your level of love towardsContinue reading

Why Saying Things Implicitly Is Better Than Speaking Explicitly

The art of implicitly sending messages to others is a hard one to master. When the messages you are trying to send are not something that the other party wants to hear, it becomes more difficult managing emotions of the receiver. When trying to send a message, any emotion from the receiving party that is unplanned for can work against you and the truth you are trying to express. Keeping Tabs on How the Listener Feels ExplicitContinue reading

How to Optimize the Work / Output of Your Team Members

If you don’t feel like reading, then the short answer is to make them do what they are good at doing. However, the path towards attaining that ideal is a tricky one which a lot of managers often fail in achieving. When you attain a position of leadership in an environment which requires tasks to be done correctly and on time, you will need to optimize the output of the people who are working underContinue reading

Why It’s Useful to Be in Tune With Others’ Problems

One of the essential realizations of a growing young adult is the expansion of empathy towards the lives of others. We begin to realize that other people are not just obstacles presenting themselves during our daily routine, but themselves have their own routines, goals, dreams, and journeys. Developing a sense of understanding which places you in the shoes of another is essential to getting the trust of others. The approach of gaining people’s trust byContinue reading

Why You Will Never Fully Know and Understand Anyone

You may have read or heard about the observer effect in Science. This means that in order to measure anything, observers influence the phenomenon being observed. It suggests that it is not possible to observe or measure anything without affecting the behavior of that thing. We would like to extend this notion to people, on a broader scale. Have you ever asked yourself if the person you are interacting with is the fully authentic version ofContinue reading

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How to Predict the Actions and Reactions of Others

With every action you take and word you say towards another person, a reaction is to be expected. The reactions that those around you have to the things you do will vary in how they’re shown. The reaction someone has to something you say can be an internal reaction, perhaps just mentally marking a trait of yours, while a reaction to you pushing somebody on the subway train will be more illustrious. Anticipating these reactionsContinue reading

How to Get People to Do What You Want – A Four Step Approach

The title of this article may attract people with malicious intentions. Let us therefore state our disclaimer: the effects and reactions of those you use these methods on are your full responsibility. We at Influence Advice propagate these ideas to be used by common people for the purpose of good. These ideas have been known and controlled by those who influence society from the top. We are attempting to give you the means to makeContinue reading

Why Being Average Is Good

People think and act in diverging ways. The fact is that most are average, do average things, and achieve average results in life. However, people within the bell curve will often strive to get out of it. They will seek motivation, work hard, and kill themselves to prove that they are not average. Kids are taught to be above average in their academic achievement. It is human nature to stand out from the crowd andContinue reading

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