How to Get People to Do What You Want – A Four Step Approach

The title of this article may attract people with malicious intentions. Let us therefore state our disclaimer: the effects and reactions of those you use these methods on are your full responsibility. We at Influence Advice propagate these ideas to be used by common people for the purpose of good. These ideas have been known and controlled by those who influence society from the top. We are attempting to give you the means to make meaningful change in the world around you.

Let’s get started. A simple way of giving birth to ideas in people’s minds and making them take your desired action is to imagine a seed growing into a full grown plant. The seed represents the planting of your ideas. And the plant represents your ideas being birthed into reality through means that you control.

When getting people do commit your desired actions, the only sensible way is to make them believe the same things as you for the reasons of those actions. If your reasons are malicious in nature, then it will make it more difficult to get others to believe these intentions.


Planting the ideas that make others do the things that you want them to involves picking the perfect time (season), perfect setting (good soil), and the perfect seeds. You need to work your ideas (seeds) through with people who are close to you. If you can make people who know you agree with you on ideas surrounding the topic in question, then you can begin to customize these seeds to fit your target.

For example, if you want your coworkers to manage their time more effectively during meetings, your seeds can involve research studies, testimonials, and the agreement of an intelligent minority who agree with you (more on that later).

You need to have an audience who is accepting of you as an intellectual in order to believe your ideas. Our numerous “How To” articles can help you develop the influence you need in order to plant seeds of behavior successfully.

The biggest key to take away from the seed metaphor is that your audience needs to be primed for new ideas.Make the ideas seem beneficial to them and don’t push for progressive action right away. The way to change the behavior of others stems from consistent priming and work towards the change of ideas.

The next phase will depend on how close to heart the behavior you are trying to change is for your audience.


Let your seeds sit and begin early expansion. Have some down–time during which you do not mention any ideas or recommendations surrounding what you want to make your targets do. You will know whether or not to pursue your venture for controlling their behavior if you notice that your audience requires nourishment for the ideas that you planted.

The easiest way to know if your targets require nourishment for the behaviors that you planted earlier is if they begin asking you questions. These are the most overt signs and are easy to fulfill your nourishing responsibilities.

Some people will be shier in their pleads for nourishment. You must be prepared to nourish the ideas of those you want to influence the behavior of individually. Your targets will give you signs of needing nourishment through various different ways. Though it is difficult to say what these methods look like, they will always require input from you in some fashion.

Even if their attempts come at you in a negative manner, you need to remain neutral to any emotions and explain why your ideas will bring forth benefits for your target audience.


After proper nourishment of any issues, concerns, or questions about your proposition for behavior change, your ideas will sprout. The way you will know that your ideas have sprouted within the psyche of your target audience is when the begin to be accepted. You will see people change their behavior slowly towards the vision that you initially laid out.

Your ideas will sprout slowly, and hopefully steadily. Do not expect your whole target audience to immediately get taken over by the ideas which you present. The sprouting phase is the first phase of accepting the ideas that you propose. If you proposed that your child should spend less time in front of a screen, you may see that the time they spend watching a screen begin to lower. If you nourished these ideas the right way, your child will begin to see for themselves how detrimental over-extended screen time can be.

When you see your ideas sprouting, you need to know that they are at their most fragile state. You achieved success in sprouting these ideas in the minds of your followers, and now you must be very careful not to break the stem of this little metaphorical plant.

Make sure you protect your ideas from environmental forces that may break these fragile foundations of behavior change. Be in tune of all others who are influencing the thoughts of your target audience and prepare to put an end to that behavior. You need to be ready and willing to go back to the nourishment phase when your ideas are growing weak in the minds of your followers.

You may also need to plant seeds in external/less immediate targets in order to create a healthy and familiar environment for your primary targets to thrive in. This will take more effort but it will ensure that anyone influencing your primary audience will be on the same page as you.


As your ideas grow into tangible actions taken by the targets of your efforts, you will need to periodically water this metaphorical plant until it reaches a state when it can survive on its own. People will come back to you, as a leader, for clarifications in discoveries that they are making themselves.

Your role at this point should be a purely advisory one which** focuses on maintaining the original reasoning and integrity for the proposed change in behavior** which you brought into reality. You need to be approachable and available for your followers to come back to with any questions.

As a planter of ideas that turn into the behavior of others, you assume a lot of responsibility. You assume responsibility for any benefit or detriment that those actions bring onto your intended audience. This is the reason why you need to be committed to maintaining the integrity of the actions that you influenced to be committed. You must always be evolved in your methods of watering the plant you planted and nourished into reality.

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