How to Leverage Your Success Against the Failures of Others

The failures of your competitors can act as springboards for your success, but only if you play your cards right. The product you develop will be propelled toward success if your competitor’s product crumbles under negative reviews. The colleague you’re up against for a promotion will say the wrong thing at an important meeting, opening up a chance for you to come in with exactly what superiors want to hear. Our competitions’ failures allow usContinue reading

Why Hate Should Be Observed but Not Reacted To

The further you move along in your search for inner and outer peace, the more clear-cut others’ acts of hatred will become. Your attempts to be a more positive, peaceful, and calm individual are likely fueled by examples of yourself and others previously acting in negative, agitated, and angry ways. As somebody who takes active measures to audit themselves in an effort to make a positive impact on others, you’ll develop a sharpened ability to identify maliceContinue reading

How to Discourage Others From Taking Your Work for Granted

If you’re a subscriber of the Pareto principle, you may perceive yourself to be a part of 20% of the workforce, who do 80% of the work at your workplace. The realization that you’re the hardest worker on your team is a bittersweet one. It is a feeling which gives birth to short lived pride, as you inevitably realize that the best workers tend to also do the most work. The result of that realizationContinue reading

How to Exude an Essence of Reliability – 3 Things to Remember

Being perceived as reliable can supplement your success. Reliability is an attractor of favorable interaction, whether it be in business, work, or school. Reliability takes a long time to establish. A simple act of letting someone down can ruin a year’s worth of work that you’ve put into being considered as a reliable individual. Apart from consistency and time being on your side, this article hopes to remind you of three things to remember doingContinue reading

How to Get People to Accept the Advice You Give

Giving others advice is a tricky undertaking. People aren’t naturally open to receiving advice from those around them. Especially if you’re of the same caliber in skill, success, and general experience in life, giving advice to others is difficult to get right. Being seen as a “know it all” is likely, especially when you aren’t careful with how you present the advice you think will help those in need. Even if your act of sharingContinue reading

Why Magicians Who Admit to Magic Not Being Real, Are More Interesting

Magicians/Illusionists have had a tougher go at things due to recent technological advancements and increased spread of common understanding. As high definition cameras and our ability to replay, analyze, and study video has become commonplace, the abilities which they purport to possess are easier to disprove. They can no longer rely on any form of mystique to drive audiences to see them. The magicians that stick by the notion of them tapping into any formContinue reading

How to Grow Ideas Into Behavior Change – The Plant Metaphor

The title of this article may attract people with malicious intentions. Therefore a disclaimer is warranted: This article is written solely for the spread of positive thinking. Let’s get started. A simple way of giving birth to ideas in people’s minds and enticing them to behave in a certain way is to keep the metaphor of a seed growing into a mighty plant in mind. The seed represents your ideas themselves. The plant represents others’ actions driven by theContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Establishing Someone’s Excellent Reputation

If given a choice of whom to spend time with, people would generally pick the person who is over-complimentary rather than someone who is cynical and perhaps hateful. Expressing positive thoughts about someone else, in turn, makes us feel good too. There’s something to be said for positivity making its way back around to the person who’s given birth to it. Striving to find the good in those who surround you is a good traitContinue reading

How to Deal With Needy Managers – A 3-Step Approach

Being overloaded with work doesn’t entice one to work hard. Your noble rule of giving it your all at work turns into a disadvantage when your hard work is rewarded with more work to do. An honest and hardworking employee is a likely subject of being taken advantage of in a fast paced and competitive work environment. There comes a point in which a hard working individual is so overloaded with tasks and deadlines, thatContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick in Dismissing Obviously Dismissible Notions

The early part of the 21st century was home to a population of people who believed the Earth was flat. Clinging to a never ending stream of questioning and ignorance, they managed to sway the minds of seemingly healthy minded individuals. The time represented a scary ideological period. We were reminded of how susceptible we are to being influenced in our behavior and thought. We were reminded of how sure someone can be in their belief ofContinue reading

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