Why It’s Better If Others Defend You

Accusations come in varying forms. Depending on the trigger to the accusations which come your way, there isn’t much out there that one can’t get accused of under the right circumstance. The more influence you attain on your way toward your goals, the bigger the accusations against you will tend to be. Presidents get accused of ruining entire countries’ economic stability, high school principals get accused of ruining the satisfaction of one thousand students, andContinue reading

Why You Hate When People Show You Videos on Their Phones (and How to Use This Knowledge to Manage People)

People seldom accept having to do something without any form of push-back. That push-back is observed in youth when their parents force them to eat mom’s cooking rather than the ice cream in the freezer. Depending on the extent people were allowed to voice displeasure in their youth, their psychology in the present day seems to be shaped by those experiences. Envision yourself sitting next to a friend on a bus ride. Whilst searching forContinue reading

Why Common Courtesy Is Powerful

We tend to remember others’ lapses in common courtesy. Committing kind gestures without receiving a thank you in return is demoralizing and a door not held can ruin a morning’s peace. Acts of common courtesy are small but poignant. They serve to remind us of virtues that we should live by, with respect and kindness leading the way. Common courtesy transcends age, nationality, and gender. It is a language used to propagate the goal of treating othersContinue reading

Why It’s Strategic to Downplay Your Experience

One of life’s more interesting scenarios to analyze is someone answering a question akin to, “Have you done this before?” To the ignorance of the one answering, their answer can set the tune for how their interactions play out in the long run. Pride is a difficult thing to curb. Walking into a boxing class with moderate experience and communicating your experience level in front of onlookers is a tricky scenario to navigate. Does yourContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Let People Label You

Take a moment to think about the categories which you label people by inside your own mind. There are the people who are good at art, the ones who are good at public speaking, and the ones who are business savvy. Putting these labels on others aids our day-to-day lives, giving us a list of people to go to when we need help or services in specific domains. It allows us to seek advice fromContinue reading

Why You Should Be Careful Making Friends at Work

Spending your days around your coworkers can lead to the development of unprofessional relationships. The development of these relationships feels very normal and true at the time of them developing. It is a person’s natural inclination to develop social relationships with those they are surrounded by. However, it is worth remembering that a professional work environment is far from an organic setting for human relationships to develop in. You may not realize it at the moment, butContinue reading

Why You Should (Sometimes) Visualize Attacking Yourself

Disclaimer: This is a reminder more than it is practical advice.  Anticipating attacks on your success requires you to understand the motives behind them. The more success you achieve in life, the more visible you’ll be to people who engage in deceitful, dark, behaviors. The ladder upwards toward success is not without its battles along the way. The mindset one needs to have is an educated but defensive one, if they want to effectively protect what they’ve workedContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Enthusiastic About Your Good Ideas

You’ve probably felt the blissful feeling of coming up with a good idea and presenting it to the world. Your good idea may have resulted in a physical change in the world around you, or in the betterment of the relationships you find yourself in. Your good idea may have improved you as an individual and increased others’ respect for your thoughts. Good ideas are addictive. The people we find ourselves surrounded by want to beContinue reading

How to Attract People by Making Them Feel Comfortable

How do you feel right now? Are you comfortable? Perhaps you’re reading this while sitting in a comfortable position around those who bring comfort to your life. Others may be reading this on their commute to work for instance, where they’re neither physically or psychologically comfortable being themselves. The people we choose to surround ourselves with after a hard day’s work tend to make us feel comfortable. We find some people easier to open up to whilstContinue reading

How to Get Ahead by Laughing at Yourself

There aren’t many self respecting individuals who strive to always be the butt of a joke. Experiencing others’ laughter at our expense is sometimes painful. Others’ jokes often carry with them truth, and you’ve likely learned harsh truths, previously unbeknownst to you, from the jokes others made. Someone’s joke about our appearance, mannerisms, speech, or behavior often results in us analyzing whether we should change anything about the aspect others have laughed at. Sooner or later, weContinue reading

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