How to Tell an Expert Apart From a Phoney

Each one of us has points of focus within their day. Some of us write, some of us read, some of us do house chores, and some meditate. Each person reading this article has something they’re better at than the rest. The differences in skill level may be marginal or may be drastic. There may be someone reading this who is a professional surfer perhaps, or a formidable scientist. One person can’t be a master ofContinue reading

Why You’re Talking to Yourself Right Now

Disclaimer: This article is about putting yourself in others’ shoes, not an advocacy for the degradation of your mental health. Treating others how you want to be treated is a powerful philosophy. The train this general thought deploys, arrives at discovering life’s constant search for balance. We rest when we are tired and eat when we are hungry. We laugh at others’ jokes, and cry in reaction to tragedies occurring; both of which disrupt life’s balanceContinue reading

How to Distinguish, and Deal With, Baseless Criticisms

We’re placed in a difficult position when others criticize the things we do and the words we say. Some people may choose to ignore critics all together, but this method encourages them to miss important (and perhaps painful) feedback on the way they should conduct themselves. The fact is that some criticism we face is important to hear. You as an individual, can’t assume all words and actions you present into the world are flawless in planningContinue reading

How to Be a Valued Guest at Any Event

Being invited to events or outings feels good. The act of being invited makes us feel wanted, and indicates that our presence is interpreted to benefit the event we will be attending. If you prove that assumption to be a mistake, the likelihood of the same host inviting you to another one of their events lowers. Being a bad guest makes the people who invited you look bad, causes other guests to enjoy their time less,Continue reading

How to Be Taken Seriously by Those Who Fail to Consider Your Input

To begin, some who are reading this (especially if this article was deliberately sought out) may be in a dark state of mind. The feeling of not being heard by those around you is demotivating, lonesome, and depressing. People get caught up in their habits, and their habits may include ignoring those who come to them with new ideas. The fresh takes you have on life will be ignored by those who get stuck inContinue reading

How to Disarm / Calm Down Angry People

If you’re doing anything worthwhile in life, you will encounter angry and negative people along the way. Anger for the most part, manifests itself during times in which we lose control of a situation we desperately want to control. People will get angry with you for altering any plan they’ve laid out in their minds, even if you did not know of your potential interference of those plans. Your kids may get angry at you forContinue reading

Be careful when criticizing people. Serving to make them feel alone in the mistakes they've made can discourage improvement.

Why You Shouldn’t Alienate People When You Criticize Them

A common mistake people make while delivering criticism is serving to alienate the person they are critiquing. Making the people you criticize feel alone in a puddle of their mistakes is not an effective way of teaching a lesson. Allowing someone to feel alone with their mistakes discourages them from making the changes needed to move forward. It can serve to depress someone who was hopeful about their progress prior to your intervention, and more importantly,Continue reading

Encouraging people around you to compliment the people who aren't in the room with you will make you more like-able.

Why You Should Encourage Others to Give Out Compliments

Giving out compliments is an effective way to make people like you. As long as you don’t overdo the act, showing appreciation by way of complimenting someone will encourage people to want to be around you. It will encourage them to be responsive for when you need their assistance, and will serve to make them trust you more. Compliments are powerful, and you should never shy away from voicing them when you genuinely feel complimentary towardContinue reading

Keeping information private consists of controlling the damage it may cause as well as limiting knowledge of its existence.

How to Improve at Keeping Information Confidential

The need to keep information confidential can be birthed from many reasons. There may be information which is dangerous for you to expose, or things which you’re embarrassed to be associated with. You may be acting to protect someone else’s safety and interests, or maybe, just need to wait until the perfect time to unveil certain pieces of information as a surprise. Whatever your reason for keeping secrets may be, keeping information confidential is a skillContinue reading

How to Avoid Workplace Confrontations

The workplace is a battleground of ideas. Colleagues compete for who comes up with the best plan about what needs to be done at any given time, and try to implement their thoughts into productive action. People’s personal stakes get involved in the ideas for which they vouch. Even the most educated dismissal of someone else’s idea at work can lead to a confrontation which can break out in a multitude of ways. The act ofContinue reading

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