Is it beneficial to be inclusive to outsiders as a group? This article argues for having your door open.

Why It’s Good to Be Inclusive to Outsiders as a Group

Striving to transform interest into substance is a beneficial pursuit. The act of doing so is the act of building people up. You’ll interact with people interested in your success, interested in your personal habits, and interested in joining the teams that you lead. Should you be open with the people who are interested in what you do? Or should you remain closed off in the name of protecting yourself and those you’re responsible for protecting? ThisContinue reading

Your assumptions of others mistakes may be misplaced.

Why You Shouldn’t Assume Mistakes Were Made

When others’ efforts affect your success in any way, you want to make sure they don’t screw up. You can hire someone to paint your fence, assign a subordinate to write a report, or share responsibility with a partner at school. We depend on others a lot more than we care to admit. People cook for us, they drive us around, and they allow us to focus on what we care for most. In the act ofContinue reading

Attempting to discredit competition is a sign of weakness on your part.

Why You Shouldn’t Aim to Discredit Competition

In much of what you decide to become skilled in, you’ll experience competitive feelings toward others who are practicing the same skills you are. Whether you are working on becoming better at becoming a better salesman, or a more skilled javelin thrower, sooner or later, you’ll be compared to others. Developing a skill often leads to being compared to others. If you choose not to compare yourself to others, the ones around you will. People’s desireContinue reading

Addressing the intuitive feelings others have in certain situations will develop trust and camaraderie between the two of you.

Why You Should Cancel Out Others’ Intuition

There may have been times when you’ve witnessed your intuition being correct. Whether it was about someone you couldn’t trust, or about a dog you shouldn’t pet, our intuitive feelings often prove to serve for our own benefit. Whether you want to analyze intuition scientifically and label it as pattern recognition, or take the more mystical approach, it’s difficult to argue against its existence. Many of the theories you read here, and in other articles,Continue reading

Knowing who to assign tasks to can be the difference between successful output and one which is of sub-par nature.

How to Properly Assign Ownership of Tasks

As you grow in attaining positions of importance in life, you’ll often have to make decisions on whether to do work yourself or allow others to try. As someone who seeks order and control, this decision will be a difficult one to make. By assigning ownership to others, you lose a certain level of control over the outcome. You place trust on the person charged with completing the task in question, and will have to checkContinue reading

Increasing your presence can lower your workload.

How to Use Presence to Lessen Your Workload (at Work)

There are days when tasks at work seem to originate from a never-ending source. You’ll find yourself swallowed up in things you should be doing, and even feel overwhelmed. The feeling of being flooded with things to do is hellish. The thoughts which live in the deepest portions of your psyche may fear losing your job, or may keep telling you to walk away from it. The stress which being behind on work gives birth toContinue reading

Gossip can be a trigger for bad behavior of our own. Resist the need to reciprocate, and treat gossip about you as an opportunity to improve.

How to Make Gossip About You Invalid

In a professional environment, protecting your reputation should be a priority. Most would think of protecting their reputation in a direct way, by directly tackling external attacks on it with logical arguments and responses. Attacks on reputation however, are seldom sourced from logical reasons. Figuring out why there are attacks on your reputation and gossip about you is a useless venture, as the attacks have already been made and the gossip has already spread. WhatContinue reading

Taking advantage of certain rules that provide you with perceived benefit can prove to be detrimental.

Why Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

You’ll sometimes find yourself possessing an advantage in certain aspects of life as you go through it. There will be openings to attack others, take advantage of them, and act in ways to take advantage of them. When we find ourselves in positions of power and see ways to take advantage of others, it’s sometimes hard to fight the urge to follow through. Laws can be set to protect us, and rules can exist toContinue reading

Assigning tasks which seem undesirable to those around you will be difficult. People will complain, and some will try to dodge being assigned as owners of these tasks.

How to Assign Undesirable Tasks to Others

Part of managing others is determining, communicating, and measuring the tasks they are responsible for completing. You can find yourself responsible for assigning tasks when you’re having a family cook night and assigning roles to your kids, or determining who on the team you manage should pick up an urgent task. The need to assign tasks to others will be a difficult undertaking should you say the wrong things and do a bad job preparingContinue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Over-Advertise Your Credentials

Do you put your credentials in the footer of every email that you send? If you do, or know others who do, have you ever analyzed the purpose of advertising one’s credentials? What are the ones advertising the letters representing what they’ve studied aiming to achieve when they advertise their presence? It may seem that credentials help others realize your fitness for the position that you’re in, but are credentials really the best measure ofContinue reading

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